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Indu Sharma Memorial Trust


Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan 2002
In Aid of Gujarat Earthquake Victims
The Play - VAPASI
Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan 2000
Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan 2001
PADMANAND Sahitya Sammaan
Mumbai - 1
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A group of South Asian writers settled in the United Kingdom

Katha is committed to work for the spread of the genre of short-story writing in the United Kigdom. Katha has already organised several story-reading sessions and writers like Gautam Sachdev, Bhartendu Vimal, Divya Mathur, Shail Aggarwal, Usha Raje Saxena, Arun Asthana and the Urdu stalwart Kaiser Tamkeen and Tejendra Sharma himself have so far read their stories followed by a discussion and reception.

Katha Goshthi

Tejendra Sharma introducing Usha Raje Saxena and Arun Asthana to the audience at Goshthi held in Chiswick in
June 2000