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Indu Sharma Memorial Trust
Mumbai - 1


Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan 2002
In Aid of Gujarat Earthquake Victims
The Play - VAPASI
Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan 2000
Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan 2001
PADMANAND Sahitya Sammaan
Mumbai - 1
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A collection of short stories based on the city of Bombay entitled Bombay-1 is being launched by Shri Kaamta Nath . Shri Govind Mishra, Suraj Prakash and Tejendra Sharma are showing their happiness on the occasion of Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan-1999.

INDU SHARMA MEMORIAL TRUST came out with its first publication when a collection of short-stories was brought out on the occasion of Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan-1999. The book contains short stories written by important writers of Bombay and the main theme of all the stories is some aspect of the life in the city of Bombay. The collection is edited by renowned novelist and short story writer Mr. Suraj Prakash. Besides others, the book contains stories by Jagdamba Prasad Dixit, Gulzar, Jitendra Bhatia, Suryabala, Sudha Arora, Dhirendra Asthana, Suraj Prakash and Tejendra Sharma.