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Katha U.K.

Indu Sharma Katha Sammaan 2002

International Indu Sharma Katha Samman for Gyan Chaturvedi; Padmanand Sahitya Samman for Naresh Bharatiya

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A true writer weaves pain in the soil of heart. When he lays out his innermost thoughts on the paper, the flowers of intellectual light blossom and the life becomes replete with intelligence and awareness. A writer is an important and integral part of the society because he creates stories about what has bygone; what is happening now and the morning that will dawn. He sees to it that his experiences do not go waste and the next generations could learn from them.


This is what the chief guest Neelam Ahmed Basheer, a noted literary giant from Pakistan had to say at the 3rd International Indu Sharma Katha Samman programme. The event was organised at the Nehru Centre in Central London on 16th August 2002 by Katha (UK).


Noted Hindi satirist Gyan Chaturvedi was honoured during the programme for his popular novel Baaraamaasi, which has already become a classic. Neelam Ahmed Basheer regretted the fact that she could not enjoy reading such an important novel since she does not understand the Devnagari script while Gyan Chaturvedi cannot write in Urdu. At the same time she thanked Katha (UK) for inviting her for the event and making her a witness to Hindi literatures two important figures being honoured while also giving her a chance of interaction with the community of Hindi literary world.


On this occasion, speaking from the chair, Mr. P.C. Haldar, Minister Co-ordination, Indian High Commission said that Literature is the most trustworthy tool to have a close look at the society, and to understand it. That is why he has tremendous regards for literature and writers. He further mentioned that the genre of satire, while criticizing society, holds the light of hope alive.




While accepting the coveted International Indu Sharma Katha Samman, Gyan Chaturvedi said that although satire in Hindi literature is considered to be a second rate genre yet it is really tough creating a high standard literary work like a novel which has a big canvas, and contains different hue and colours and yet maintain the satirical tone all through.


Noted poetess and short story writer, Achala Sharma, while speaking on the novel opined that Baaraamaasi is the story of dreamers; dreams that blossom like the lotus flower in the muddy soil of contradictions.


In the same function Shri Naresh Bharatiya was awarded the third Padmanand Sahitya Samman for his book Uss Paar Iss Paar. According to Shri Kailash Budhwar this creative work is an important and heart rendering document of immigrants pains.


Shri Naresh Bharatiya looked quite emotional while accepting the award and thanked Katha (UK) for honouring his creative work.


On this occasion Mr. Jim Hall, the train crew manager of Silverlink Train Services launched the souvenir and wished Katha (UK) well in organising such international events. His father Mr. Edwin Hall, 76 was honoured with a shawl and coconut as a senior citizen. Mr. Edwin Hall trained as a policeman at Phillaur in undivided India and was later posted in Lahore.


The Chief Guest Neelam Ahmad Basheer launched the novel Des Birana written by Mr. Suraj Prakash, in-charge of the Indian Chapter of Katha (UK). Suraj Prakash pointed out that it is a strange but pleasant coincident that a novel written in Hindi is being launched by a writer from Pakistan in the city of London.


Naina Sharma (Dy.Chairperson Katha) informed the audience about the activities of Katha (UK). Ravi Sharma of Sunrise Radio rendered portions of Baaraamaasi in his inimitable style. Noted poetess Madhu Chaturvedi, read from stage, portions from the book by Shri Naresh Arora.


Editor of Purvaai, Shri Padmesh Gupta read the introduction of Shri Gyan Chaturvedi while Deepti Sharma introduced Mr. Naresh Bharatiya to the audience. The programme was compered by Mr. Anil Sharma. Tejendra Sharma (General Secretary Katha) made an announcement regarding opening of the Birmingham Chapter of Katha (UK) which would be headed by noted writer Shail Agrawal. He passed the vote of thanks.


To grace the occasion, among others, were present Mr. C.B. Patel (editor Gujarat Samachar), Mr. Gopal Bagle (First Secretary Indian High Commission), Gautam Sachdev, Onkar Nath Srivastava, Perveiz Alam, Sohan Rahi, Usha Verma, Mahendra Verma, Salma Zaidi, Usha Raje Saxena, KBL Saxena, Inder Syal, Krishan Kant Tandon, Ashok Priyadarshi, Yavar Abbas, Hina Baxi, Manji Patel Vekhariya, Mahesh Patel, Dr. Narendra Agrawal, and Shail Agrawal.